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Tonight we stopped by Cookout in Lumberton for some grub…as usual we sat at the ‘secret spot’ lol…Rosie game along for the ride as well, chilled in the back seat…she knows the deal now! By the way, Rosie is my yorkie lol

Branson got a Footlong hotdog tray with ketchup and mustard, fries, a corn-dog and huge tea…and I got a Cajun chicken sandwich tray with Cajun fries, a corn-dog and huge sweet tea! SoOo spicy and delicious :)

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Who doesn’t love a good ole’ CLUB sandwich! Tonight we ordered Giant, and I do mean GIANT, Jersey Mike’s Club Subs….Mike’s Way! We had no idea they would be this huge, atleast we have another sub as leftovers :)

And to top it off, they were covered with Pink Susan B. KomenBreast Cancer Awareness Ribbons! LOVE it :)

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