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I love trying new things, especially at my favorite restruants. I ordered this BBQ chicken sandwich from Papa Bills not knowing how it actually was going to be served….but the name didn’t fool me. This sandwich was country at its best. Bbq’d just right like it was 4th of July weekend, slapped on a good ole piece of Old Fashioned Merita bread! Classic!

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Sheff’s Seafood’s famous large shrimp plate! It’s enough food for two so we always split it!Β 

Look at that tower of fried goodness…their shrimp is soOo good and don’t get me started on their hush puppies with honey butter, they’re so good you’ll want to slap yo’ mama! Oh yeah, and their house ranch dressing, amaze!Β 

Sheff’s Seafood & CO
100 W 3rd St, Pembroke, NC 28372
(910) 521-4667

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