Jan 04 2013

Half Cheese Lovers, half Pepperoni Lovers and hot wings with ranch dressing! Need I say NOM!! 👍🍕👍

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Jul 11 2012

Extra cheese and Pepperoni pizzas from Michael’s! (with ranch dressing!)

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Jul 06 2012

Thursday night Beef-Tip special from Sheff’s Seafood in Pembroke, NC!

Beef-tips well done, sweet potato with cinnamon sugar and butter, Texas toast and their infamous salad bar with house ranch dressing! Delish 👍

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Jun 02 2012

Pizza Hut Buffet…they actually had MY fav pie: Hand tossed ham, pineapple & bacon! 

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May 24 2012

Pizza Hut’s Tuesday Night Buffet 😜

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Feb 29 2012

Ruby Tuesday’s Fresh Garden salad bar! 
LoVe LoVe LoVe their salads 🍉🍆🍅🍓

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Jan 16 2012

Ms. Lisa invited us over for dinner where she served lasagna, garlic bread and her amazing loaded salad bar…with my fav salad topping ever, PINEAPPLE! I can’t get enough of it! 

Branson’s Birthday dinner was soOo DELISH! Happy 28th :)*


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Nov 28 2011

For lunch we devoured this medium pizza and hot wings combo pack from the deli section! It was soOo delish! :)

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Nov 04 2011

My beef tip plate from Sheff’s Well-Done with mushroom gravy, baked potato, hush puppies and their signature ranch dressing salad (with lots of pineapples)!

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Nov 04 2011

Branson’s beef tip plate from Sheff’s! Medium-Well with mushroom gravy, fries, hush puppies and a salad :)

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Nov 02 2011

Taco Bell Mexican pizza and bacon ranch chicken flatbread box!

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Oct 25 2011

Southwest chili pasta with side salad and cheese garlic bread!

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Oct 11 2011

Today we stopped by Pizza Hut for dinner buffet :)

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Sep 22 2011

Tonight we picked up a pizzas for dinner… I decided to make salads as well, super quick & easy :)

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Aug 31 2011
Hi Res
Grabbed a Monterrey Ranch chicken sandwich from Wendy’s before the Kid Rock Concert in Charlotte on Saturday! Only problem was they loaded on the ranch….!

Grabbed a Monterrey Ranch chicken sandwich from Wendy’s before the Kid Rock Concert in Charlotte on Saturday! Only problem was they loaded on the ranch….!

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