Nov 22 2011

Wedding Cake and Chocolate fountain at Jordan & Sandy’s Wedding! Their cake was Red Velvet and so moist! The groom’s cake was a Yankee’s hat and the bride was swinging a baseball bat :) So cute!

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Tags: wedding cake bride groom strawberry chocolate fountain pineapple marsh marshmellows fruit red velvet icing baseball yankees
Oct 21 2011

Got “chocolate wasted” off these double chocolate stuffed Oreo truffle s’mores

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Tags: nom chocolate stuffed orea double smore smores graham cracker marshmellows marshmallow sweets yummy delish dessert idea food easy food blog foodie
Sep 20 2011

Sunday afternoon we decided to go eat at Golden Corral…we needed a wheel barrel to get us out of there. I ended up rocking a food baby for the rest of the evening! lol….this meal probably drives every Carb Counter crazy!

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Tags: Golden Corral buffet dinner Chinese stuffing sweet potato casserole marshmellows potatoes brocoli fried shrimp shrimp salad food food blog critic count

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