May 12 2012

Warm buttermilk biscuits drizzled with the Native Bee ‘Cherry Blossom’ Honey I picked up at the Lumbee powwow! So sweet and yummy 💋

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Dec 22 2011

Native American tacos!! I still haven’t mastered making small fry breads…

SoOo delish! With mozzarella cheese, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes and mild & hot taco sauces!! 

And if you are looking for some traditional Native American fry bread recipes, check out: :)

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Oct 23 2011

Tonight I cooked tacos! @jchavis84 wanted his plain. Me, Indian taco ;)

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Oct 16 2011

Yesterday I tried out the XXL Chalupa Combo from Taco Bell. I have to say it exceeded all of my expectations! It actually reminded me of Indian tacos :)

You know if they had to put it in a BOX it was something to RESPECT! Go try it while they still have it!!

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Oct 08 2011

Native American, Australian AND Italian dinner at the Robeson County Fair :)

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Sep 12 2011
Hi Res
Indian Summer (Taken with instagram)

Indian Summer (Taken with instagram)

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Aug 21 2011
Hi Res

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