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The Full Belly Diaries is now on WordPress!

Hey yall….after many requests and suggestions I decided to convert The Full Belly Diaries to WordPress! ( ) I love my Tumblr followers dearly and I hope I can continue to meet foodies from all across the globe.

I take food seriously, it’s such an amazing experience. I admire it, enjoy every moment I’m back working diligently in the kitchen. Most of the time, my hard work pays off and pleases both my palette and camera screen. Some may think it’s weird… I find it artistic :)

Just seeing a picture of steam hovering  over a huge bed of spaghetti marinara takes you back to watching Lady & the Tramp as a kid. Well atleast I do. I’ve always wanted to slurp down some sketti’ only using my hands like an infant toddler strapped down to a high-chair. Bib included.

Some of us eat healthy, others not so much! Some things I eat, you might not like or even know of!  I think the same thing about vegans, fast food eaters, takeout lovers…but you know what, we’re all the same. The foods we eat might be different but the satisfaction that comes along with full bellies is priceless.

Well I said all that to say this. Bon Appétit!

(In the mean time, go check out the official blogsite: ) Pretty please and thankyou!

xox Sarina

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