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The meatloaf was soOo flavorful! I don’t know if it was the bacon, worcestershire sauce or brown sugar but it was deeeeelish! I also topped the mashed potatoes with basil. Bon appétit ;)

{Part 2 of 2} 

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Tonight I tried a new meatloaf recipe. One word. BACON! 

I should have known that anything with bacon on it is good. If not better…

Here’s the recipe:  …it was quite simple and added a different flare to the typical meatloaf I cook. Bacon and the sweet tomato sauce gave way to a delicious palette pleasing experience! 

I’m always excited to try new things…and it’s that exact moment after you say the Grace and take the very first bite when you realize…”Oohh la la this is good!” How have I gone 25 years without eating meatloaf with bacon?! 

So the next time you have some beef and bacon laying around, give this recipe a shot instead of grilling bacon cheeseburgers or whatnot…live a little!

{Part 1 of 2}
*See my next post for the meal pics :)*


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I’ve been dying to try out this recipe I found for Chicken Alfredo using my Crockpot for DAYS now…I finally made the time for it and boy was it worth the wait! After all, it is my favorite pasta dish! I used to cook it atleast once a week!!

This time I switched it up and added broccoli, mushrooms and onion. I also made my own sauce and mixed it with one jar of bertolli Alfredo sauce! 

I used this recipe:

{Part 1 of 2}

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