Jun 02 2012

Sheff’s Seafood’s famous large shrimp plate! It’s enough food for two so we always split it! 

Look at that tower of fried goodness…their shrimp is soOo good and don’t get me started on their hush puppies with honey butter, they’re so good you’ll want to slap yo’ mama! Oh yeah, and their house ranch dressing, amaze! 

Sheff’s Seafood & CO
100 W 3rd St, Pembroke, NC 28372
(910) 521-4667

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Dec 27 2011

Late night Cookout run at our ‘secret’ spot ;)

Watched all the traffic driving home on I-95 hint hint lol Barbecue Cookout trays with hush puppies, Cajun fries, onion rings, huge sweet tea and an Egg Nog milkshake!!! Nom nom nom

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Oct 31 2011

Carolina style barbecue Cook Out trays with huge sweet teas! It doesn’t get any better than this! Yummy :)

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Oct 07 2011
Hi Res
BBQ sandwich with extra Papa sauce with fries & a lemonade from Papa Bill’s in Pembroke, NC :)

BBQ sandwich with extra Papa sauce with fries & a lemonade from Papa Bill’s in Pembroke, NC :)

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Sep 16 2011

 hotdogs from Papa Bill’s in Lumberton with fries :)

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Sep 07 2011
Cookout trays at our secret spot!

Cookout trays at our secret spot!

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Aug 31 2011
Hi Res

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