Jan 14 2012

Micheal’s restaurant in Pembroke has the BEST steak hoagies in town! 

Branson got a footlong hotdog plate with mustard and chili only with fries and a sweet tea!

 I ordered their famous steak hoagie all the way with light mayo, extra Greek sauce on the side…fries and a lemonade! Oh man, the sweet banana peppers are banging’! I can’t tell you how good my sub was….still laying around with the -itis!

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Jan 07 2012

Yesterday we picked up subs from Subway! I tried their turkey club with lettuce, tomato, provolone, Parmesan cheese, oil & vinegar on white bread…

Branson had his usual Italian sub with just pepperoni and cheese ONLY! Lol…of course with Lay’s Masterpiece chips and Nacho Doritos! There goes the health factor…

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Dec 05 2011

Subs from Jersey Mike’s!! 
Mike’s Club Sub and Chipotle Philly Steak Sub with BBQ and Salt & Vinegar chips :) SoOo delish! Love how they’ve raised over $1,000,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness!!

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Sep 29 2011

Who doesn’t love a good ole’ CLUB sandwich! Tonight we ordered Giant, and I do mean GIANT, Jersey Mike’s Club Subs….Mike’s Way! We had no idea they would be this huge, atleast we have another sub as leftovers :)

And to top it off, they were covered with Pink Susan B. KomenBreast Cancer Awareness Ribbons! LOVE it :)

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Sep 16 2011

Totally random….the things you crave in the middle of the night!

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Sep 16 2011

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