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Cheesy basil pesto fettuccini with grilled shrimp and braided herb bread! First time making this pasta sauce and I don’t know if it was my fresh basil, basil blossoms or basil infused olive oil that sparked sensations on every taste bud in my mouth but boy was it amazing!

Basic baking powder biscuits using the recipe off the can but I added garlic salt & oregano, braided three rolled out pieces and topped with butter! For the sauce I combined fresh basil blossoms, two frozen basil cubes, basil olive oil and a pack of creamy Mac & Cheese powder #EasyPeasy 🍴💛

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When rain ruins your summer cookout, have no fear! Crank that oven up and move the party inside…that’s what I did anyways!
   Baked Kabobs {chicken, shrimp, pineapples, bacon wrapped shrimp & tomatoes}, chicken breast with Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce and Bacon Cheeseburgers with Carolina grilled onions! Nom nom nom 🎉🍔🍢

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Sheff’s Seafood’s famous large shrimp plate! It’s enough food for two so we always split it! 

Look at that tower of fried goodness…their shrimp is soOo good and don’t get me started on their hush puppies with honey butter, they’re so good you’ll want to slap yo’ mama! Oh yeah, and their house ranch dressing, amaze! 

Sheff’s Seafood & CO
100 W 3rd St, Pembroke, NC 28372
(910) 521-4667

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Tonight I broke in my new waffle maker and cooked breakfast for dinner! 

Cajun Shrimp & Cheese Grits with bacon and scrambled eggs! So New Orleans 💋

I made the waffles from scratch using this recipe:
I was highly impressed by their fluffiness, and the lack of mess I assumed the waffle maker would consume! Needless to say I will be making waffles all the time! 🍴

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"Warm nights under the stars with food on the grill…"

•Flat Iron steaks with Montreal seasoning
•Cocktail shrimp skewers
•Honey Rotisserie Pork Tenderloin
•BBQ chicken breast with Sweet Baby Ray’s
•Macaroni shells with Italian bread crumbs and blended cheeses
•Fresh salads
•Caravelle apples drizzled with honey and cinnamon

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