Jun 23 2012

Fresh Strawberry-Banana-Peach Milkshake with whipped cream! 🍓🍦

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Jan 16 2012

Who said milkshakes were not Winter appropriate?!

I could have settled for just a cappuccino milkshake, but after leaning halfway across the car and seeing ‘Cajun chicken sandwich’ and ‘onion rings’ staring at me how could a sweet Southern girl say no!? 

Branson ordered the barbecue sandwich Cookout tray with hush puppies, onion rings and a corn dog as his sides, and a Peach Cobbler milkshake!

I listened to my roaring belly and ordered the Cajun chicken sandwich with no mayonnaise, onion rings and fries ( I asked for Cajun seasoning but I guess I threw her all off by asking for no mayo) and my favorite milkshake everrrr, Mrs. Cappuccino! 


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Dec 27 2011

Late night Cookout run at our ‘secret’ spot ;)

Watched all the traffic driving home on I-95 hint hint lol Barbecue Cookout trays with hush puppies, Cajun fries, onion rings, huge sweet tea and an Egg Nog milkshake!!! Nom nom nom

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Dec 23 2011

Probably the best snack ever…LoVe LoVe LoVe these special edition flavors! Seriously, the kitchen smelled like strawberry milkshakes while they were toasting…weird I know but soOo cool. SoOo sweet and savory :)

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Nov 07 2011
Nov 07 2011
Hi Res
Cookies & Cream Milkshake!

Cookies & Cream Milkshake!

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