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Last night I popped a few Mint chocolate chip cookies in the oven before we started watching ‘Margin Call’…As I was staring at them patiently cooking in the oven I decided to throw a few more chocolate chips on those bad boys! The empty space between the mint and bubbling cookie dough screamed for more chocolate!! 

Oh man these cookies converted me into a mint chocolate chip lover! Before I thought people were weirdos ordering mint chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream….now I totally understand where they were coming from! The combo of mint and chocolate is perfect!!

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Who said milkshakes were not Winter appropriate?!

I could have settled for just a cappuccino milkshake, but after leaning halfway across the car and seeing ‘Cajun chicken sandwich’ and ‘onion rings’ staring at me how could a sweet Southern girl say no!? 

Branson ordered the barbecue sandwich Cookout tray with hush puppies, onion rings and a corn dog as his sides, and a Peach Cobbler milkshake!

I listened to my roaring belly and ordered the Cajun chicken sandwich with no mayonnaise, onion rings and fries ( I asked for Cajun seasoning but I guess I threw her all off by asking for no mayo) and my favorite milkshake everrrr, Mrs. Cappuccino!

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My friend Mela introduced me to the Philly Cheesesteak pizza from Domino’s. I have to say, I was quite surprised by its flavors…I could have sworn I was taking a bite out of a juicy pepper steak sub there for a second. Domino’s, well done my friends..well done! 

Ever since they quit delivering pizza near our location we haven’t bothered with them. Now they’ve given me a reason to pick up one of their pies! 

Oh yeah, and that’s my Strawberry Fanta! I haven’t drank one in years…i probably spent and arm and a leg in high school in the drink machines buying these…especially the peach ones! Why am I imagining the Fanta girl’s dancing around in their fancy bell bottom pants all of a sudden?! Oh sweet memories!

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Ms. Lisa invited us over for dinner where she served lasagna, garlic bread and her amazing loaded salad bar…with my fav salad topping ever, PINEAPPLE! I can’t get enough of it! 

Branson’s Birthday dinner was soOo DELISH! Happy 28th :)*

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This past week we celebrated Branson’s Birthday! I’m a sucker for birthdays…and of course cooking birthday cakes!  

I found a really simple recipe for the cake and buttercream icing:

It turned out so soft and moist :)

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Micheal’s restaurant in Pembroke has the BEST steak hoagies in town! 

Branson got a footlong hotdog plate with mustard and chili only with fries and a sweet tea!

 I ordered their famous steak hoagie all the way with light mayo, extra Greek sauce on the side…fries and a lemonade! Oh man, the sweet banana peppers are banging’! I can’t tell you how good my sub was….still laying around with the -itis!

Http:// :) xo

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The meatloaf was soOo flavorful! I don’t know if it was the bacon, worcestershire sauce or brown sugar but it was deeeeelish! I also topped the mashed potatoes with basil. Bon appétit ;)

{Part 2 of 2} 

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Tonight I tried a new meatloaf recipe. One word. BACON! 

I should have known that anything with bacon on it is good. If not better…

Here’s the recipe:  …it was quite simple and added a different flare to the typical meatloaf I cook. Bacon and the sweet tomato sauce gave way to a delicious palette pleasing experience! 

I’m always excited to try new things…and it’s that exact moment after you say the Grace and take the very first bite when you realize…”Oohh la la this is good!” How have I gone 25 years without eating meatloaf with bacon?! 

So the next time you have some beef and bacon laying around, give this recipe a shot instead of grilling bacon cheeseburgers or whatnot…live a little!

{Part 1 of 2}
*See my next post for the meal pics :)*


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I’ve been dying to try out this recipe I found for Chicken Alfredo using my Crockpot for DAYS now…I finally made the time for it and boy was it worth the wait! After all, it is my favorite pasta dish! I used to cook it atleast once a week!!

This time I switched it up and added broccoli, mushrooms and onion. I also made my own sauce and mixed it with one jar of bertolli Alfredo sauce! 

I used this recipe:

{Part 1 of 2}

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I served it with parmesan oregano buttered toast! It was beyond delish! 

Pasta is always a heavy, fulfilling meal…but soOoo good :) And I have an entire bowl of leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Crockpot meals are becoming one of my favorite go-to dinners! It did not take no time to whip everything into the slow-cooker…

Patience. Now that’s another thing! The aroma from the pot fills the entire house..whether it’s pasta, chili or a roast, nothing compares to it’s culinary magic!

{Part 2 of 2}

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