Feb 25 2013
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Tender Crisp Chicken #lookatthoseBuns 😋

Tender Crisp Chicken #lookatthoseBuns 😋

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Feb 11 2013

Chicken Pot Pie from KFC for lunch…hit the spot!!

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Dec 07 2012
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The infamous XXL Loaded Steak Nachos Supreme

The infamous XXL Loaded Steak Nachos Supreme

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Oct 12 2012

PSA: Order the kids meal at Chick-fila ~ 6 piece chicken nuggets, waffle fries and a root beer. Substitute a cup of icecream (with a lid) instead of the toy! Voilà, perfect portioned meal and dessert! 🍦😎

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Jan 03 2012

Loaded omelet biscuit and a strawberry jelly biscuit from Hardee’s for breakfast on New Year’s Eve!

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Dec 20 2011

This morning we stopped by Burger King in Lauringburg for breakfast! 

Sausage and cheese croissant with French toast sticks and a bacon, egg & cheese croissant with strawberry jelly, hash browns and an Iced Mocha Coffee :) yummmmyy!!!

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Dec 16 2011
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I LOVE egg drop soup with wontons! soOo delish :)

I LOVE egg drop soup with wontons! soOo delish :)

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Dec 16 2011

Who doesn’t love CHINESE TAKEOUT!?! I can’t tell you the last time I had Chinese food, I forgot how good and fulfilling it was!! 

Sweet & Sour Chicken plate and Pineapple Chicken plate with fried rice, egg rolls and egg drop soup :) My fav!! soOo delish

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Nov 28 2011

This morning we stopped by McDonald’s so we could be energized for Cyber Monday :) Branson had a Sausage biscuit with cheese and I had a bacon egg & cheese combo! I hate how they prepare the cream and sugar for your coffee, I told them ALOT…ended up having to put half of the honey jar in my cup!!  HAPPY CYBER MONDAY ;)

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Nov 26 2011

Nachos Bell Grande with extra beef & cheese, soft shell beef taco supreme and Crunchwrap Supreme with hard shell beef taco from Taco Bell :) SoOo delish!

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Nov 22 2011

Whopper and double bacon stacker with fries & onion rings from Burger King!

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Nov 08 2011

Mexican food from San Jose’s! Chips & salsa,  Speedy Gonzales with refried beans and a Pollo Taco Salad without guacamole!  

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Nov 02 2011

Taco Bell Mexican pizza and bacon ranch chicken flatbread box!

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Oct 31 2011

Saturday morning breakfast in Laurinburg! Tried out the bacon egg & cheese muffin sandwich from Burger King! Cheesy, messy and gooood!! 

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Oct 31 2011

Carolina style barbecue Cook Out trays with huge sweet teas! It doesn’t get any better than this! Yummy :)

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