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These had to be the largest plate of chili cheese fries ever! And FREE at that! We used our free appetizer coupon at Longhorn Steakhouse and were stunned when our nice server lady brought them to our table. They were two pounds easy and could have fed a family of four lol…Longhorn’s Western Cheese Fries~ Crispy fries loaded with all-beef chili, melted cheddar & Monterrey jack, bacon and jalapeΓ±os!

I’m all about a Chef’s Special and hit the jackpot selecting Longhorn’s BOURBON BLACK PEPPER SIRLOIN~a juicy 6 oz. sirloin wrapped in applewood bacon and served in a bold bourbon black pepper glaze. Fearless flavor in every bite. I paired it with a sweet potato with cinnamon sugar and butter! My steak was soOo flavorful and tender {I ordered it well-done but the center was slightly pink, which I’ve become to enjoy over the years}! I highly suggest trying this while it’s still on the menu!

Stop licking the screen! @BransonChavis ordered the Bourbon Black Pepper Sirloin as well but an 8 oz., wrapped in applewood bacon and served in a bold bourbon black pepper glaze. Served with a loaded baked potato!

Two Thumbs Up Longhorn πŸ‘πŸ΄πŸ‘

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I went all out with this dish…even making my own cheese days ahead. I wanted Lasagna bad and traveling to the northern region of Italy for the original recipe hiding in some granny’s cupboard was out of the question. So I turned my kitchen into Little Italy and voilΓ‘: fresh Farmer’s Cheese, made-from-scratch marinara and homemade fresh duck egg lasagna noodles! Oh my I’ve went and done it now πŸ…πŸ΄πŸ·

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Went home for lunch to bake a pizza! Gotta start thinking ahead so I took out a crust that I froze from the last batch of dough I made and cooked the sauce last night from extra tomatoes out of my garden! All I had to do was throw some cheese on that bia and tadΓ ! #MealPlanning #Workingclassproblems πŸ•

Three slices later and I’m already missing the roof of my mouth! #muyCaliente #soworthit #MargherittaPizza πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

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Cheesy basil pesto fettuccini with grilled shrimp and braided herb bread! First time making this pasta sauce and I don’t know if it was my fresh basil, basil blossoms or basil infused olive oil that sparked sensations on every taste bud in my mouth but boy was it amazing!

Basic baking powder biscuits using the recipe off the can but I added garlic salt & oregano, braided three rolled out pieces and topped with butter! For the sauce I combined fresh basil blossoms, two frozen basil cubes, basil olive oil and a pack of creamy Mac & Cheese powder #EasyPeasy πŸ΄πŸ’›

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