Sep 18 2012

Yesterday I decided to make my own hand rolled lasagna pasta. I’ve made raviolis before so I knew it wasn’t a task I couldn’t handle. Besides, nothing beats fresh made pasta.Β 

I used this recipe for the dough:Β

It said it was a 80-minute process. I started making the dough around 4:30. After forming the ball, it sat in plastic wrap for an hour or so. Around 6 o’clock I started rolling it out into lasagna pieces…talk about a hassle. I released all of my built up stress and frustration out on that rolling pin. No fancy smancy Italian pasta machine here. It took every ounce of strength in my bony arms to get it the desired thinness, but after I burned unnecessary calories my lasagna noodles were piling up on me! I rolled wayy to much for my pan, needless to say we will be having chicken & pastry soon ;)

But don’t let my long paragraph on dough making scare you. It really is an rewarding experience. After boiling ‘MY’ noodles to al dentΓ¨, and realizing that this whole process really worked and my pasta looked better than that non-French/Italian dried store bought stuff in boxes…I forgot about how much effort I put into my culinary dish.Β 

Homemade, fresh pasta…try it sometime!Β 

xoxo SarinaΒ 
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